Zugzwang, a place called Ascedia

by admin

Guy at table project Zugzwang by Alle Jong

Ascedia is a condition in wich a person is feeling himself empty, bored with life and not knowing what to do. He or She cannot take a step further trapped within life. It is a kind of ongoing laziness that will never stop, life is passing by slowly slower and finaly make you die inside your mind. In The world of Zugzwang you could reconize aspects of laziness and boring emotions ongoing forever? You walk around in Zugzwang between the wind and emptyness.  You can call this place a metaphor for nothing, a transcendental layer in wich physical objects and nature are rare within it’s pure format.  Only sometime you discover a place wich holds a group of object’s or living elements. These places sad enough are in itself very far away from you, they do not look alive at all. They only make you feel yourself more on your own.

Light is the only element that connects you with your environment. It is the light that can make you visible and alive. But even light is timeless and therefore empty and into the great nothing, beyond our controlled space of memory. You could however speak of a transcendental layer. A invisible layer existing somewere else in wich the story is being told you encounter within the virtual reality world. An example could be the guy sitting at the table in the middle of the dessert humbling in himself. He is not aware of your presence. He is somewere else, he is sitting on a chair but in his experience he has lost the physical world? He seems very lost but you cannot get in contact with him. On the other hand you are lost as well, forgotten about the world you are living in now, but also reading this text is another dimension wich makes you fantasize the world I talk about. Everything grows out of nothing and will end in nothingness.  The world of Zugzwang is a romantic idealism trying to reach Casper David Friederich position in wich human race feels himself powerless against nature. At the end we now nothing about the reasson of all that is in existence.  We strange enough try to create the nothing in creating shells like Zugzwang in wich you can experience “emptyness” or “nothing”.

the art of painting I am fascinated that a painting never exists in the physical reality. It always is your reflewction on the object. You do not get anything out of a painting, you knew what you reconized.